Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window Mounted Compact Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control

Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control, FFRE1233Q1

Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner w/ Temperature Sensing Remote Control, FFRE1233Q1, Specification:

  • Energy Star 12,000 BTU compact air conditioner for window installation has 6.5 ft. three-prong power cord and uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • Pleated quick-mount window mounting kit included - Minimum window height: 15.5 inches; Window width dimensions: 23" minimum / 36" maximum
  • Quickly cools a room up to 550 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 3.8 pints per hour
  • Clean air ionizer removes pollen and impurities from the air providing relief for allergy sufferers while fresh air vent/exhaust control removes odors
  • Modes designed to save you energy and money include Auto Cool, Sleep and Energy Saver

Customer Reviews

This Frigidaire Air Conditioner will help you keep your cool on the hottest days, with plenty of deluxe features to help you save money, and enjoy excellent air quality. The air conditioner comes with a remote, so you can set the temperature, or turn it on or off, without needing to get out of bed. The deluxe features are all you could ask for. For example, the fan has three speed settings, along with an AUTO setting, which changes the fan speed to correspond to higher heat levels. You can also select FAN ONLY, to circulate air without chilling it. The SLEEP function raises the temperature of the room by 4 degrees over a 1 hour period. The machine also has a CLEAN AIR button, that uses an ionizer to help remove dust and pollen from the room. You can also turn the device on and off with a timer, which is perfect if you want the air conditioner to kick on about an hour before you get home from work. Another excellent idea is this indoor/outdoor lever. If you want to draw in cool air from outside, the air conditioner offers you that option. You save money not only through the efficiency of the machine's design, but also thru smart use of these auto on and off features (Energy Saver mode, sleep mode, timer, etc). When you are asleep, or not at home, why keep the room at 72 degrees F?

Setting up the Frigidaire air conditioner is a breeze. However, make sure you READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR INSTILATION FIRST! The plastic louvers on either side of the air conditioner need to slide into place BEFORE you put the machine in the window. Also the air conditioner is heavy, and requires two people to lift it, and place it in the window. When you get the box from UPS, it will have a TEAM LIFT sticker on the box, because one person shouldn't try to lift it themselves. Once you get the louvers slipped into place, after you take it out of the box, it only takes a few minutes before you plug it in, and have cool air. I really like how it works, and how it looks.

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